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We accompany companies that are experts in their business to sort out their internal processes to increase their efficiency, the performance of their teams and help them boost their growth.
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Get to know FYC's leading method implemented in 4 stages

How we do it?

We are specialists in implementing process transformations that make teams work better and have an impact on results.
We have our own methodology that we call «FYC METHOD» and has 4 stages that guarantee the correct implementation to achieve a 100% success rate in the certifications that we accompany or improvements that you want to implement, within the deadlines.
We offer and design customised options based on the individual objectives of each of the needs.

Relaying and planning

Survey and diagnosis Stage planning Responsibilities.
Direction Arrows

Designing and moving forward

Measurements and objectives Documentary structure.
Direction Arrows

Making and correcting

Start-up Deviation analysis Corrections.
Direction Arrows

Audit and improve

Evaluate Learn Improve.
Estimated deadlines

Estimated deadlines

Plazos estimados - FYC Estrategias

The deadlines are estimated according to the needs of the organisation, as it may be a process improvement where times are shorter. The improvement of processes has a minimum term of 3 months where the stages of the FYC method applied to them are developed.

The estimated time to achieve an ISO 9001 Quality certification can vary from 10 months to 18 months generally, taking into account the initial state of the organisation, the scope of the activities to be included, the number of collaborators, etc.

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FYC Estrategias

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FYC Estrategias
FYC Estrategias

Our Director

Flavia Yanina Crognale

Contadora Pública Nacional
Licenciada en Marketing
Coach ontológico

FYC estrategias

«I worked in a multinational for almost 14 years where I learned about processes and customer experience.

I was trained in the specific disciplines to accompany companies that need internal team organisation and management, specialising in strategic organisational processes.

I have a deep understanding of the complexities of different industries and markets, which adds value to the proposed solutions.

I designed my own proven methodology, the FYC Method, to optimise processes or to achieve quality certification.

FYC Strategies was born in 2012 and has my initials as a brand. It represents my commitment to clients, my way of accompanying projects, leading the teams in which I intervene, planning the execution and measuring the results for each client.

I am enthusiastic about accompanying transformations, raising the potential of each collaborator and nurturing their own development».

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